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Omschrijving: Gigabyte KM7590 Wireless Keyboard w/ Mouse [USB, Membrane, 2.8mm, 1300 DPI, Black]
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2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
Easy plug and play - free from any drivers or pairing process, get rid of entangled cables, you simply plug the receiver and start working with your keyboard and mouse via the long-range wireless connection.

Built with 8 Additional Media Hotkeys
The convenient hotkeys offer you an instant media control and easy access to the most common tools.

Spill Resistant Functionality
Water spill resistant function protects the keyboard from accidental spill of drinks and increases the durability.

Adjustable Feet Stands
Adjustable keyboard tilt by extending the feet stands allows you to find personal optimal wrist position.

Wear Resistant Keycaps
The keycaps on KM7590 are laser etched to ensure the letters on the keys would not easily be worn out for prolonged use.

Ergonomic Optical Mouse
Ergonomically designed shape ensures users' comfort and ultra-smooth movement. Precise 1300 DPI optical sensor provides accurate and smooth tracking on the table.

Friendly Low-Power Indicator
An indicator light will start to blink when the power is getting low, so that you can replace batteries in time.

• 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
• Built with 8 Additional Media Hotkeys
• Spill-resistant Functionality
• 1300 DPI Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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