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Omschrijving: Modecom KS-MC-CC14 MC-CC14 FHD CAR CAMERA [2.8 inch inch LCD Touch, Wide-angle 120º, Speaker/Mic, USB/CR]
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Merk: Modecom
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MODECOM REC MC-CC14 is a high-end car camera recording videos in full HD with 30fps. Once the device is turned on, it works in continuous recording mode. Accordingly, you can be sure that everything that might happen will be recorded. The video may constitute evidence of what happened during a possible car accident. Major feature of REC MC-CC14 is the built-in touch-screen with 2.8'' diagonal.


Car camera MODECOM REC MC-CC14 has touch-screen with 2.8'' diagonal. You can watch the video you recorded and establish the desired setting very easily. Intuitive software enables quick change of settings and activating given functions.


Built-in microphone
The camera is equipped with sensitive microphone enabling, e.g. recording instructional videos from your trip or simply comment on what's happening.

Rotary mounting holder
The camera can be attached to the windscreen with the use of convenient silicone pad. Thanks to rotary mounting, you can set the right angle in order to obtain optimum visibility.

Built-in USB port enables charging the device. 3-metres-long USB cable enclosed to the set enables convenient use even in big cars. Thanks to the USB slot, you can copy the recorded material to your computer.

MicroSD card reader
The camera is equipped with microSD card reader supporting cards up to 32 GB.

Car camera MC-CC14 has colour touch-screen. Thanks to the touch-screen, you can easily change camera settings.

Wide-angle lens 120º
Camera MODECOM MC-CC14 provides you with high-quality materials. The camera is equipped with wide-angle (120°) lens recording everything what's happening in front of you.

Built-in G-sensor and motion sensor
Built-in G-sensor detects sudden change of position. Consequently, you can be sure that in case of an accident, the camera won't stop recording and the recorded material will be secured from deleting.

Full HD screen
The lens employed in the camera records very sharp videos in full HD resolution.


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