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Omschrijving: Modecom M-MC-0WM4-200 MC-WM4 WHITE WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE [RF 2.4Ghz, 800/1600 DP, 3-Button]
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Merk: Modecom
EAN: 5906190442789
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MODECOM MC-WM4 Wireless Optical Mouse was designed to provide maximum usability while maintaining competitive cost. Thanks to the advanced optical sensor MC-WM4 can work on most typical surfaces. It is using radio transmission for connecting to the PC within the 2.4GHz that allows for wireless work at a distance of up to 10m from the receiver. USB interface assures that the mouse can work with virtually any computer availably these days. Because the receiver is inchnanoinch type it doesn't have to be removed from the USB port of your notebook when traveling with it.

MC-WM4 is powered by one AA battery and is worth stressing, this battery is supplied with the device.


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