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Omschrijving: Edimax RE23S ac2600 dual-band home roaming Wi-Fi extender [802.11ac/n/g/b/a, 2 + 2 antenna]
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  • Home Roaming Wi-Fi: Upgrade Extender so your Wi-Fi is always connected for seamless, fast roaming Wi-Fi.
    - No hassle with switching Wi-Fi network name and password.
    - Reliable Wi-Fi that stays connected when you move around your home.
    (Works with any Edimax Gemini series devices which support home roaming Wi-Fi.)
  • AP Mode: Plug and play to create a Wi-Fi access point to enhance the wired home network with Wi-Fi capability.
  • Faster 11ac Speeds: AC2600 concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi with speeds (2.4GHz 800Mbps & 5GHz  1733Mbps).
  • Level up Home Wi-Fi to Dual-Band: Upgrade your single-band 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to dual-band with better coverage without replacing your router.
  • 11ac MU-MIMO: The latest 11ac technology runs four streams and serve multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Beamforming: With beamforming directional signals support, Wi-Fi performance is dramatically improved with better reliability, range and coverage and less wasted signals.
  • Gigabit Wired Ethernet: build a fast, stable wired connection to the gaming console, smart TV, or computer.
  • Universal Compatibility: Easy setup and work with any other router.

Being different to a general range extender network configuration, Gemini RE23S delivers with faster and stronger Wi-Fi coverage for a seamless roaming connection for your home. Gemini RE23S can also optionally create a reliable Wi-Fi access point to enhance your wired home network with Wi-Fi capability.

Keep One Wi-Fi Name with Seamless Roaming
Seamless Wi-Fi roaming as you move around your home – no need to setup and connect to different Wi-Fi names entering different rooms – use ONE single Wi-Fi name for the whole home.
No Roaming Wi-Fi     
Multiple network setup with unstable connection while you
move room to room and need to switch Wi-Fi manually.
  Seamless Roaming Wi-Fi
Features single network (SSID) setup, it automatically detects
and switches your device to the best available Wi-Fi signal. 

Plug and Play in AP-Mode
Gemini RE23S in AP-Mode is designed to be super easy to configure auto-grouping management. Moreover, additional Gemini RE23S can be easily added to your router to enhance the wired home network with Wi-Fi capability.

11ac Speed with 4K Streaming and Gaming
Get the latest 11ac technology with high-speed capacity up to 2600Mbps (N800Mbps + AC1733Mbps), and extend both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless connections at the same time.  

Upgrade Home Wi-Fi to Dual-Band
Can your main router only deliver single-band Wi-Fi? No worries! The Gemini RE23S can provide reliable dual-band connections, allowing you to enjoy disconnect-free and lag-free Wi-Fi on all your devices.​

Enjoy Online Streaming with MU-MIMO
With MU-MIMO (Multiple User - Multiple Input Multiple Output), the Gemini RE23S runs four streams and serves multiple devices simultaneously with the fastest speed and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity.  

Traditional SU-MIMO
Single device at a time
Multiple devices at the same time

Smart iQ Setup
Features user-friendly browser-based iQ Setup for smart, automatic and quick installation. iQ Setup automatically detects the available Wi-Fi networks nearby and helps establish a connection in minutes.

Gigabit Wired Performance
The Gemini RE23S’s Gigabit Ethernet port enables you to connect a wired device, such as the gaming console or smart TV to build a fast, stable wired connection, making it easy to share files, photos, music, and video across your home network.

Works with any Wi-Fi Router 
Universal compatibility that works with any other router, and easy, web-based iQ Setup for quick and easy installation.  

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