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Omschrijving: Equip 129119 Insertion Tool for LSA Connection, Low Cost Version
Vendorcode: 129119
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Merk: Equip
EAN: 4015867515174
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The equip® LSA punch down tool for all data, information and telecommunications cabling. Applicable for all LSA-series and RJ45 jacks and high band. Allows the connection of conductor diameters (0.35~0.9mm) and core diameters (0.7~2.6mm). When wiring a second wire in contact, the sensor is switched off (depending on number of wires and wire specification). The cutter can be switched off to allow the looping of a potential on adjacent contacts

- LSA punch down tool
- Robust design for continuous use
- Pressing/Cutting in one step
- Provides pull hooks and blade
- Sturdy plastic housing
- Cutting device and tactile sensor can be switched off

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