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Omschrijving: Modecom M-MC-0M10-200 MC-M10 WHITE ERGONOMIC WIRED OPTICAL MOUSE [USB, 1000 DPI, 2-button, Wheel]
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Merk: Modecom
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Modern optical mouse MODECOM MC-M10 is our recent technological solution based on many years of experience in providing computer accessories. We put the lifespan and ergonomy first when we were designing this universal and useful mouse. We also know that the mouse should look nice as well. It's classic looks is available in four colours (black, white, red, blue) will please those users who appreciate classic with modern touch.

Microswitches employed in this mouse have a long lifespan with up to 5 million clicks. The surface is made of material with a nice feel with its major advantage being that there are no fingerprints on it. MODECOM MC-M10 combines the best virtues of classic, durable and ergonomic frame with modern design, high quality and highly durable microswitches.

- Classic and smart design
- Highly ergonomic in use
- Available in four colours (black, white, red, blue)
- Switch lifespan: up to 5 million clicks
- Optical mouse with 1000 DPI sensor


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